Lower Saxony has a lot to offer. Not only does Germany's second-largest state have cultural, scenic and traditional appeal, it has proven itself as a successful.
Lower Saxony is a German state (Bundesland) situated in northwestern Germany and is second in area, with square kilometres sq mi), and.
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The forerunners of today's state of Lower Saxony were lands that were geographically and, to some extent, institutionally interrelated from very early on. One of the principal crops there is sugar beet. Teen beimm hardcore fick. Mining has been an important source of income in Lower Saxony for centuries. Although overall yields are comparatively low, Lower Saxony is also an important supplier of crude oil in the European Union. The states of the Federal Republic of Germany, and so Lower Saxony, have legislative responsibility and power mainly reduced to the policy fields of the school system, higher education, culture and media and police, whereas the more important policy fields like economic and social policies, foreign policy etc. Tipps für eine Jungfrau zum lange.
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